The 7 mm snow chain that self tensions as you drive!


Weissenfels Sette

Complies with full EU Snow Chain regulations & conformity



7 mm electro plated micro links. The areas highlighted in yellow must exceed 7 mm. The recommended minimum clearance is 9 mm. Can be fitted where it would often be impossible to fit normal snow chains.



Alloy wheel friendly


Clack and Go Technology:

Incorporates Weissenfels exclusive Clack and Go Automatic Pre-Tensioning System. Snow chain tensions and self-centres as you drive


Clack and Go:

Twin Auto-tension devices fitted


Low or minimal vibrations:

Low or minimal vibration makes driving on snow and ice covered roads smoother, quieter and stress free



Suitable for vehicles fitted with ABS braking systems


Traction Control:

Suitable for vehicles fitted with Traction Control

Ease of fitting
Traction capacity
Driving comfort
The new Weissenfels Sette is the only truly dynamic ultra-low profile snow chain that incorporates two automatic self tensioning adjusters on each of the chains. This is the perfect solution for vehicles which have insufficient clearance between the tyre/bodywork and suspension parts of the car. With a maximum projection of only 7mm, the Weissenfels Sette fits snugly on to the tyre but still gives complete chain coverage over the entire width of tyre tread. The smaller 7 mm chain links will fit in most instances where other snow chains with larger links will not. Incorporating Weissenfels unique and well proven Clack & Go self-tensioning technology, the Sette is extremely simple and straightforward to fit and automatically self centres as well as maintaining optimum chain tension as you drive. The Sette is also alloy wheel friendly with no metal parts crossing the wheel rims. All components that come close to the wheel rims are fitted with special non-scratch plastic wheel protection covers.
  • Recommended for all cars
  • Rapid easy fitting and removal
  • Automatic chain tensioning as you drive. Cannot come loose!
  • 7 mm maximum projection. Fits cars with limited clearance behind the tyre
  • Reduced height square section links in high quality case hardened steel
  • Excellent grip on snow and ice
  • Smooth vibration free running
  • Suitable for cars fitted with ABS brakes & traction control
  • ESP compatible
  • Compact carrying case Easy & convenient to stow
  • Supplied as a pair of chains for fitting to two wheels
  • Homologations/Certifications/Conformity: ON-N-2006 276, CUNA NC 178-01, UNI 11313, TUV
  • View PDF Fitting Instructions

Exchange Service:

If you change your car and need a different size or type you can take advantage of our unique Weissenfels Sette snow chain exchange service.

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Weissenfels Sette CaseWeissenfels Sette CaseWeissenfels Sette CaseWeissenfels Sette CaseWeissenfels Sette Case

Weissenfels Sette snow chains are supplied in pairs in a neat carrying case with illustrated easy to follow fitting instructions, spare emergency repair links and a pair of plastic gloves.