GoSoft Snow Socks give the smoothest ride ever on snow covered roads!

Snow Socks

GoSoft Snow Socks


0 mm projection. No minimum clearance behind the wheel required. Total absence of chain parts on the inner side of the wheel. Can be fitted where it would often be impossible to fit normal snow chains.


Low or minimal vibrations:

Low or minimal vibration makes driving on snow and ice covered roads smoother, quieter and stress free



Suitable for vehicles fitted with ABS braking systems


Traction Control:

Suitable for vehicles fitted with Traction Control

Keeps you moving throughout the winter!
GoSoft snow socks offer a simple, low cost, user friendly solution for increased traction on snow and ice covered roads. Being conveniently supplied in a small handy bag, they can be kept in the car’s boot in readiness for the winter months. While not a snow chain equivalent, GoSoft snow socks fully comply with the legal requirement in most countries where it is mandatory to carry winter equipment in your vehicle, such as alpine roads marked by the classic ‘Snow Chain’ signs, indicating that vehicles are required by law to be equipped with snow chains in order to proceed.
  • Low cost solution for driving on snow covered roads
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Simple and intuitive installation without any adjustment being needed
  • Compatible with alloy rims, does not generate vibration or noise when driving
  • Conveniently packaged in a compact bag for storage
  • Certified according to the new European standard EN 16662-1:2020 and according to Ö-Norm V5121
  • Made in Europe
  • Fully recyclable
  • View PDF Fitting Instructions

Exchange Service:

If you change your car and need a different size or type you can take advantage of our unique GoSoft Snow Socks exchange service.

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GoSoft Snow Socks CaseGoSoft Snow Socks CaseGoSoft Snow Socks Case

GoSoft Snow Socks are supplied in pairs in a neat carrying bag complete with elbow length gloves and fully illustrated easy to follow fitting instructions.

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Snow Socks

Snow Sock
checkbox Silent ride on snow covered roads
checkbox No adjustments needed
checkbox Easy to fit
checkbox Light to handle
checkbox Exchangeable, new sizes only at snowchains.co.uk

Snow Chains

Snow Chain
checkbox Superior traction on snow and ice
checkbox Strong steel construction
checkbox Easy to fit
checkbox Recommended in mountain areas
checkbox Exchangeable, new and used sizes at snowchains.co.uk