The thinnest snow chain in the world!


Thule CK-7

Complies with full EU Snow Chain regulations & conformity



7 mm electro plated micro links. The areas highlighted in yellow must exceed 7 mm. The recommended minimum clearance is 9 mm. Can be fitted where it would often be impossible to fit normal snow chains.


Ratchet System:

Easy to operate single handed ratchet system for rapid pre-tensioning


Low or minimal vibrations:

Low or minimal vibration makes driving on snow and ice covered roads smoother, quieter and stress free



Suitable for vehicles fitted with ABS braking systems


Traction Control:

Suitable for vehicles fitted with Traction Control

Ease of fitting
Traction capacity
Driving comfort
The Thule/Konig CK-7 was designed specifically to fit tyres where, a lack of clearance between the tyre and the car's bodywork or suspension etc., would normally make it impossible to fit regular snow chains. The maximum projection is on the inside of the tyre wall and over the top of the tread is only 7 mm. The chain section comprises of a special twisted link construction, which enables the thickness to be reduced to 7 mm. The special design of the chain configuration ensures that each single link comes into contact with the snow, thus increasing grip and traction. Add image Anti scratch protectors are incorporated around the outside tyre wall to protect alloy wheels.
  • 7 mm clearance above and behind the tyre
  • Recommended for vehicles with clearance problems
  • Easy to fit and demount with colour coded parts
  • Excellent traction on snow and ice
  • Anti-scratch alloy wheel protectors (optional application)
  • Ultra smooth running on snow & ice
  • Compact carrying case. Easy & convenient to stow
  • Supplied as a pair of chains for fitting to two wheels
  • Homologations/Certifications/Conformity: O-Norm 5117, CUNA, UNI 11313, TUV
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Exchange Service:

If you change your car and need a different size or type you can take advantage of our unique Thule/Konig CK-7 snow chain exchange service.

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The special design of Thule/Konig Ck-7 Causes each single link to come in contact with the snow and ground, thus increasing grip.

Ideal for cars with space problems between the wheel and the wheel arch.

Special twisted links on the tread.

Thule CK-7 Thule CK-7 Thule CK-7

Closed shortening hook.

Anti-scratch nylon bumpers.

Micro-regulation system.

Thule CK-7 Thule CK-7 Thule CK-7